Patrol Specials are the only security business
permitted to patrol the streets or San Francisco
(Municipal Code Sec. 1750)
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Field Operations and Fees

Patrol Special Officers are not paid by the San Francisco Police Department or any other government agency and cost the tax payer very little (consisting of one SFPD officer and secretary to administer the program, and oversight from time to time by the police commission). Officers are compensated by neighborhood merchants, residents, and associations or groups who contract for services and who can also join to share in the cost. Rates vary according to the level and type of service requested, but the average, standard hourly rate for an officer for normal duty (not duty after hours or on overtime) ranges between $50 and $60 per hour, including a patrol car and liability insurance to protect both client and the public. The Patrol Special Police provide neighborhoods with a financially reasonable solution in adding another uniform presence in their community. For more information, please contact Officer Allen Byard, President, Patrol Special Police Officer Association

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