Patrol Specials are the only security business
permitted to patrol the streets or San Francisco
(Municipal Code Sec. 1750)
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Patrol Special response to the Mass. study of the Patrol Special Police
"Almost every commercial area in my district relies on the Patrol Specials as a supplement to standard police public safety services...[I write to express] my support for the Patrol Specials and my belief that the program should continue to serve the community."
Scott Wiener, Supervisor, District 8 (from letter to Police Commission, 4/20/11)

"There’s no question that in some places there are people who certainly are in favor of having Patrol Specials. This is not to take away from the quality of service that Patrol Special officers provide because I think some of them are very professional and they are very courteous and very effective in what they do.
George Gascon, former Police Chief (quoted in the Bay Guardian, 3/12/10
  "There is a role for the special police as extra eyes and ears for police officers."
Gary Delagnes, President, Police Officers Association (quoted in the Wall Street Journal, 11/18/10)

"Large urban cities have monumental problems including the rise in crime, budget cuts and layoffs. The best strategy to fight crime is to expand this police agency as an asset, and permit them to improve security as the 'eyes and ears' of the SFPD."
Robert Bedwell, peace officer, retired (from letter to Police Commission, 4/21/11

"Those businesses that get good service love it." 
Dr. Joe Marshall, former Police Commission President (quoted in the SF Examiner, 11/3/10) 

Passing of an Officer
Patrol Special Police Officer John Fitzinger, star #2655
Funeral services for San Francisco Patrol Special Police Officer John Fitzinger, star # 2655, will be as follows:

Friday, October 20th, 2017, at 11am, Saint Paul's Church, 221 Valley street, San Francisco.

Reception will follow at The Cafe, 2369 Market street.

Passing of an Officer
Joe Cordero Patrol Special circa 1974 

Cody Clements was appointed July 13, 2017, by the San Francisco Chief of Police, as an Assistant Patrol Special Police Officer.  His grandfather proudly pins on his badge.

Cody will now carry badge #2511 and will be assigned to Mission police station. 

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Organized by Daniel Bakondi

Serge John White - (October 8, 1942 - February 1, 2017) The only child of Russian émigrés John and Vera White, was a hard-working, family man his entire life. Born in San Francisco in 1942, as a teen he built hot rods and drag raced down the Great Highway, as a young man, he served his Country in the United States Army and protected his City for over 43 years as a decorated San Francisco Patrol Special Police Officer. He was appointed as an SFPD Patrol Special Police Officer in the mid-1960's and was assigned to Central, Northern, Park and Mission Stations during his career. Serge served with honor and distinction with the SFPD and was awarded a Gold Medal of Valor when he was shot while apprehending an armed robbery suspect in the Central of which Serge fatally shot the suspect.

Amidst great controversy at the time, Serge hired San Francisco’s first open lesbian peace officer, the late Jane Warner, in 1993. He was a devoted son, loving husband, father, father-in-law, grandfather, uncle, cousin, friend, advocate, mentor, businessman, volunteer fire-fighter and restaurant owner. He loved to cook and laugh with his family and friends and would often laugh until teary-eyed. Serge and Lori loved traveling to Mexico (especially Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas). He passed away the morning of February 1st. He was 74 years of age.



Front Row: Scott Hart, Serge White (now deceased), Ted Torres, Earl Curtis (now deceased) , Sam Reyes

Second Row: Cal Wiley, Alan Byard, John Andrews, Attorney Daniel Bakondi

Third Row: Todd Hart, John Barry, Tony Cirimele, John Fitzinger

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Leaders of Patrol Special believe that their private security officers are a vanishing breed and blame their dwindling business on the San Francisco Police Department. Pete Suratos reports. (Published Wednesday, Feb. 17, 2016)

(Left to right) SFPD Chief Gergory Suhr, Officer
Taswell and Lt. Lim of Mission Station, at the SF
Police Commission meeting July 8th, 2015.

On Tuesday, May 19th, 2015, at about 1500 hours, San Francisco Assistant Patrol Special Officer Antjuan Taswell, Star # 2609, was driving to work from his residence in the east bay, over the San Francisco – Oakland Bay Bridge, going to his assigned station. He was in uniform and ready to work, as required.

As he was driving and just after the tunnel, a vehicle in front of him veered across his lane and struck the side of the bridge. The vehicle then swerved back into the left two lanes and struck two other vehicles before swerving once again into the far right lane, again striking the bridge.

Officer Taswell stopped his vehicle, as well as other motorists and exited his car to see if aid was needed. At that same time, the female driver of the cause of the accident exited her car, topless, and ran towards San Francisco in the far right lane. Officer Taswell gave chase as well as several other drivers.

The female driver then took off the rest of her clothes and after running about 30 feet, jumped up on top of the bridge guard rail yelling she was going to jump and kill herself.

Officer Taswell determined that she was suicidal and began to engage her in conversation in an attempt to convince her to come down from the railing. After a few minutes, Officer Taswell was successful in convincing her to come down from the bridge railing.

She asked Officer Taswell if she could use his cell phone to “tweet” to her family and friends that she was going to jump off the bridge. Officer Taswell used this opportunity to lure her off the bridge rail. Officer Taswell signaled to other motorists to distract her and when that happened, he subdued her, placing her in handcuffs.

Shortly thereafter, the California Highway Patrol arrived and took custody from him.

The C.H.P. had called an ambulance and upon arrival the female was placed into the back of the ambulance.


By Samual Reyes:

I have the sad task of bringing you notification of San Francisco Patrol Special Police Officer James "Jim" Lobao, Sr. whom passed away yesterday.  He was in his early 90's. He worked in the Taraval Police District his entire career dating back to the early 60's. He was a highly respected officer in the community he served and I had the great privilege of meeting him at Park & Shop Supermarket when he and Officer Serge White would come in for coffee and pie.

It was Officer Lobao, Sr. and Officer Serge White that recruited me to become a Patrol Special Police Officer and after graduating from the San Francisco Police Academy for Reserve and Patrol Special Police I started working for them in 1968. They both taught me the in's and out's while being on patrol especially working in the Haight/ Ashburyfrom 1968 through 1972 with all three of us surviving that era.

Officer Lobao, Sr. was especially proud to have his son become a San Francisco Patrol Special Police Officer and proud to have his son work with him.

Officer Lobao, Sr. will be missed and I know I speak for all of us in sending his family our condolences.

Officer Labao, Sr. was a great friend to all.
"Rest In Peace Jim"

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