Patrol Specials are the only security business
permitted to patrol the streets or San Francisco
(Municipal Code Sec. 1750)
San Francisco Patrol     
Special Police Association     
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We provide police patrol services to individual businesses, private homeowners, and associations. Our primary role is that of Public Safety and Law Enforcement.

Basic Patrol Service

During hours of patrol, officers will make passing calls to check the interior and exterior of your property as well as the surrounding city streets and determine if all is well.

Closing Service

Officers conduct a complete and thorough search of the premises for fire, open windows and unlocked doors. The officer will stand by and assist in making sure all customers and/or employees have left the property and the premises are secure.

Alarm Response

As an additional service to your alarm system, Patrol Special Police Officers will respond to alarm calls usually within a few minutes and provide an on-scene and timely police presence.

Police Calls

During the hours of patrol, Patrol Special Police Officers will respond to your property in the event a police call occurs to assist in the protection of your property and, if necessary, will remain at that location until secured.


Patrol Special Police Officers provide escort services for the transport of valuables, deposit of funds or other protective needs
Other services are available upon inquiry.

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