Patrol Specials are the only security business
permitted to patrol the streets or San Francisco
(Municipal Code Sec. 1750)
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  1. Requirements stated by the Patrol Special Police Program Liaison Office of the SFPD (July 2010).
  2. Requirements stated on the SFPD website.
  3. Requirements for beat officers and for assistants, stated in Police Commission regulations governing the Patrol Special Police.
  4. Assistance to applicants in conducting preliminary background check prior to submission of application packet.

Requirements stated by the Patrol Special Police Program Liaison Office of the SFPD (July 2010)

The SFPD advises that due to budgetary cuts, processing of applications may take some months, however your Patrol Special Police Officer sponsor will do his or her best to maintain regular contact with the SFPD to ensure that processing proceed with all deliberate haste. Following are the basic requirements in an application packet that will be reviewed and submitted by your sponsoring Patrol Special Police Officer. Please contact us to help locate a sponsoring officer:
  1. Letter of nomination and sponsorship by a current Patrol Special Police Officer.
  2. Proof of U.S. citizenship or a permanent resident alien who has applied for U.S. citizenship.
  3. Copy of High School Diploma or GED test certification.
  4. Completed private background investigation package of applicant.
  5. Letter, signed by private physician, certifying candidate to be free from any physical, emotional, or mental condition which adversely affects the applicant for duty as an Assistant Patrol Special Officer.
  6. Copy of 832 P.C. course certificate or higher issued within the last 3 years. The applicant must be able to be appointed before the certificate expires. (Within 3 years of the date of issue)
  7. Copy of a valid exposed firearm permit.
  8. Copy of a valid guard registration card.
  9. Copy of valid identification, California driver’s license, U.S. passport, etc.
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Requirements stated on the SFPD website.

How does an Assistant Patrol Special Receive approval from the Chief of Police?

A new applicant for Assistant Patrol Special must receive a letter of recommendation from a current Patrol Special beat owner. This beat owner acts as a sponsor for this applicant and submits his or her name to the San Francisco Police Department's Patrol Special Liaison. This liaison is a sworn member of the police department, usually holding the rank of Sergeant.

The Patrol Special Liaison will conduct a preliminary screening of the applicant and ensure that the necessary documents have been submitted. Once all documents have been reviewed and inspected, the applicant is required to undergo a limited background check by both the police department and by a beat owner's approved pre-employment investigation, urinalysis testing, fingerprint check, and physical exam. All of these tests except for the pre-screening and final police department background approval check are paid for by the Patrol Special beat owner or applicant.

The entire applicant file is then reviewed by the Chief of Police who approves or denies the application. All approvals to the position of Assistant Patrol Special Officer are at the discretion of the Chief of Police. Patrol Special Officers are approved by the Police Commission.

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